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Making lawns green and healthy for today and tomorrow by improving the soil one lawn at a time. 

Top Dressing and Lawn Leveling in Wake County North Carolina

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Top Dressing / Lawn Leveling

Top Dressing is the process of  spreading a thin layer, 1/2 or less, of compost/soil over your entire lawn.  Top dressing is one process used to make soils better by improving its micro-biology. 

Lawn Aeration

Along with Top Dressing, lawn Aeration allows oxygen and nutrients to pernitrate the soil for a stronger, thicker, and greener lawn.

Compost Top Dressing in Garner, NC

Top Dressing with Compost

We've got the equipment to spread compost on your turf so that its effects are evenly distributed - no "hot spots" or sparse areas. You'll soon see greener, thicker growth, an healthier Lawn. Compost is safe for your children and pets and keeps our environment clean.

Lawn Aeration Graphic stages of Aeration in Garner, NC

Lawn Aeration

 Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more healthy lawn. 

healthy lawn in Garner, North Carolina (NC)

About Us

Our future depends on how we manage our natural resources. Our mission is to help manage our resources by improving the soil one lawn at the time. Top dressing is one process used to make soils better by improving its micro-biology. In turn, this helps to increase the quality of turf grass without a dependency on chemicals. It is our desire to be part of the solution by providing earth friendly compost/soil on your grass.